Layers – Nordegg, Alberta

I never get tired of a view like this.  Layers upon layers of hills and mountains stacked on top of each other.  One of my favorite places in Alberta.


Beast on the town

A few of my favorites from a shoot I did the other night.  Beautiful evening, good friends, clean cars, and a TDI…..what’s not to love!


September 15, 2015 - 1:12 pm

Ryan Ponto - Only posts his vehicle.. I see how it is 😉

Stary stary night – Jasper, Alberta

Capturing the stars out by Pyramid Lake in Jasper National Park on an amazingly clear and crisp evening.  You can’t help but look up in awe and realize just how small you really are floating through space on this tiny little rock called Earth.



Maligne Canyon – Jasper, Alberta

The beautiful Maligne Canyon.  Aqua blue water carving its way down up to 160 ft. through the bedrock.  Another one of Jaspers many amazing spots to visit.