How to join in the fun…

Oh, also i have been asked by a few people who are interested in doing the project where they set up their Project366. Some inquired about Flickr accounts……Facebook….etc. Honestly, i would just sign up at WordPress and create a free account. Flickr is fine for posting pictures, but a true blog lets you write about the picture and explain it if you wish. I wouldn’t really recommend Facebook because a)you can only post 60 pictures per album; and b)you probably won’t be able to see the album unless you’re on that persons friends list.

BUT……if you are on Facebook (and i don’t know too many people who aren’t) you can join the group Project: 366 and add your link.

My plan for this project is to create a link list for all of the people that decided to do this project with me, so people will be able to check out each others photos…….but i’m still in the process of getting my new blog home sorted.

March 4, 2008 - 3:17 am

Kris brand - hey chris. I heard of you from adam fick… long time family friend and I really like the idea of project 366. I stared my own so you can check it out. I am just a beginner but I hope to improve through the year. I am using a Nikon D40x. I have very limited knowledge of utilizing ISO and shutter speeds for optimizing picture quality but I am trying to figure it all out. Let me know what you think of my shots.

Kris Brand


Ok….so……I have been trying to put together a website for myself and my portfolio, but kept getting hung up on the project and eventually abandoned it. However, with this whole Project 366 thing I’m doing, I have decided to get everything sorted out properly, so I took the plunge and got my own domain! Hopefully this will motivate me to get my website finished too.

I now have my very own home on the interweb!! !!!! So the home of my will now reside there and I will be able to customize it however I wish (which was my main motivation for doing this.)

T-7 Days!

Well it’s officially one week until I start my project……and I’m getting pretty excited. With the nice weather I’ve been itching to get out and shoot some photos. Winter has to be the most depressing and unproductive time of year for a photographer! Why do I live somewhere that gets so cold???